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The Pipits: Paletta Mansion, Sept. 17 2023

We had a lovely outing to Paletta Mansion this past Sunday evening. A group of over ten Pipits met in the parking lot and waited patiently for Geordie and I to arrive. Many thanks to Doug for letting everyone know we were running late, and

being prepared to lead the walk until I arrived. I just so much appreciate how folks help each other out in this group. You truly are wonderful people.

Geordie and I were 10 minutes late, as we had been on an OFO trip to Moosonee, and drove the 7.5 hours back from Cochrane on Sunday… straight to the Paletta Mansion parking lot!

If anyone is interested, photos from the Moosonee trip are HERE.

Paletta Mansion was not as birdy as I would have liked, but we did see a few fall migrants. Warblers in their tricky fall plumages… good fun. These included Magnolia and Bay Breasted Warblers. We also had excellent views of an adult Coopers Hawk that flew in and sat on a lamppost. This probably had something to do with the absence of songbirds during our outing… Our group photo has this bird behind our group ... sitting on the lamppost behind us.

Many thanks to everyone for joining this outing. You always make it so much fun!

The eBird list from this outing is HERE.

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