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The Ontario Field Ornithologists have a policy around this. Here is a brief summary of the focus of this policy:

  • The welfare of the birds comes first

  • Protect habitat

  • Keep disturbance to a minimum

  • Be cautious about advertising the presence of rare birds

  • Respect the rights of landowners

  • Follow the rules regarding public areas

  • Be considerate of others

  • Increase our knowledge about birds

  • Bird responsibly in other countries, provinces or regions


Likewise, the American Birding Association, also has Code of Birding Ethics. This code is also endorsed by Birds Canada. Here is a brief summary of their policy:

  • Respect and promote birds and their environment.

  • Respect and promote the birding community and its individual members.

  • Respect and promote the law and the rights of others.

  • Birding should be fun and help build a better future for birds, for birders, and for all people

  • Birds and birding opportunities are shared resources that should be open and accessible to all


eBird also has a sensitive species policy. One piece that stands out to me is this:


There are other cases where it may be best to not report specific observations publicly on eBird, even if the species isn't sensitive as a whole, either due to restricted site access concerns or because the bird may be harmed in some way. eBirders must take it upon themselves to understand the situation locally and to use their best judgment, as the status of a species may change from place to place.





When on our Trips we are walking or driving over land located on Turtle Island, the traditional home to the First Nations people of Ontario.

At The Pipits, we acknowledge that this land is sacred, and has significant meaning to all First Nations people.

In honour of the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Covenant, we agree that we have a responsibility to protect and care for this land. Travel gently upon it.



UPDATED: March 22 2023

A number of Pipits are photographers. While on any outing, there is a chance you may be photographed in candid shots deliberately or otherwise. For photographers: please be aware that some people do not want to be photographed at all. They have this right.


If you do NOT wish your photograph to be shared on the website, or in the Google Photo Album, please MAKE SURE Colleen makes a note of this at the beginning of the outing. It is your responsibility to make sure Colleen knows your preference.

Photographers please make sure you know if your subjects are comfortable being photographed. Check before you take a photo of anyone.


While I absolutely understand and respect everyone's right to confidentiality and privacy, it can complicate some aspects of the celebration of community that is a basis of this group. While juggling these sometimes challenging or conflicting conditions - I will do my very best to respect your right to privacy by removing you from group photos, or if necessary, not publishing photos of individuals.



February 21 2021

The Pipits are a group of people dedicated to the appreciation of birds and nature in general. We are a community of diverse individuals, and we all have the right to be free of fear, harassment, threats, and violence, including while enjoying birding, being together or when on our own, and in particular, while being outdoors. These are basic human rights and ideals that we often take for granted, and as a result, do not discuss. Sadly, recent reports about sexual assaults occurring within the birding community reflect that many individuals do not experience certain outdoor activities as safe. Due to this information, I believe it is especially important to take this opportunity to speak out in support of the right for safety for all.

“Any act that makes the world less safe for one birder makes it less safe for everyone. Such actions engender fear in places that everyone should be able to explore in joy and safety, and they rob people of the right to be equal participants in the field.” (Cornell Lab of Ornithology,, viewed Feb. 21 2021)

As an inclusive group, The Pipits aims to be a safe place for all, to share our love of nature and birds. We stand in solidarity with those who are advocating for change in society. By taking a stance and having a voice in this evolution towards a safe society, we hope to ensure that our group achieves safety for all.



Updated: April 11 2023

Each participant needs to register for each outing they attend.

If you are registering family members from your Family Member, please register each member separately.

To bring Guests outside of your family group, please register the individuals, and e-transfer $15 for each guest to, or cheque at the outing.

If you are registering as a Single Member, the Guest category is used for people who are not fee paying Pipit members.

If you register a Guest please pay $15 for each Guest, by etransfer to, or cheque at the outing.

If you do not pay the annual Pipit membership fee, you are registering as an Inactive Member. Attending any outing has a $15 fee for each person attending. This can be paid by e-transfer to, or cheque at the outing.

If you are not able to register please contact Colleen at

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