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The Pipits: October 15 2023; Presqu'ile PP with Martin and Kathy Parker

A group of 11 Pipits met up with Martin and Kathy Parker at the main gate into Presqu'ile Provincial Park this morning.

It's always a fun and informative time with these two in the lead!

It was a windy day unfortunately, which kept us from wading over to Gull Island. But on the positive side, we ran into another birding group coming out from Ottawa! It's always great to meet people in the field, and put faces to the names learned via digital communication.

The crossing... it was likely well over knee deep.

We did have spectacular views of a number of shorebirds, including Dunlin with their droopy bills, Sanderlings scurrying in little clumps, and Black Bellied Plovers.

Google photo album

Thank you to everyone for making such a fun day!

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