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The Pipits: March 13 2022, 50 Point Conservation Area

The Pipits: March 13 2022, 50 Point Conservation Area 14 Mar 2022 2:46 PM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) Hello Pipits!

Attending: 19 Pipits with Marcie Jacklin in the lead!

What a fun outing we had on Sunday! It was a cold windy day, so we kept it fairly short... meeting at 9 and wrapping up by noon. It wasn't the birdiest of days either, but still so great to see everyone, and search through the conifers for teeny tiny Northern Saw Whet, Long Eared, and other owls.

And we got lucky - 5 Saw Whets in total!

Thanks to a few of our incredibly gifted members, Jason, Nathan, and Angelique, for assisting Marcie in finding these owls! Even after watching the process of finding these birds, and seeing all 5 with my own eyes, I am quite sure I still will NEVER find them on my own. I swear these birds are actually invisible to my eyes. Even when someone points them out, I really struggle to see them.

Marcie pointed out a few tips to finding owls.

  • Look for whitewash (poop) on the trees. Note that if it's directly on the truck it's possibly tree sap, but if you see it further out on branches or the ground, you know an owl has been roosting in the tree.

  • Also check for owl pellets underneath the tree, on the group - these are the undigestible bits of prey that the owl coughs up after digesting the yummy parts - hair, fur, teeth, and bones.

This photo shows a set of rodent teeth, still attached to the skull, surrounded by the pellet. A big thank you Angelique for keeping the eBird lists I used to make our trip report. I so much appreciate the help!

To review the trip report, go here:

To see the Google photo album, go here:

To see the identification of the subject of the photo, click on the photo, then click on the little "i" in the upper right of the photo. Look in the information that appears for the file name.

Thank you everyone for coming out and making a cold windy day so much better! And special thanks for Marcie and her friend Linda for coming out with us! It's always a great outing with Marcie in the lead!

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