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October 1 2022, Hilton Falls

Hilton Falls: October 1 2022 7 Oct 2022 10:24 AM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) Nine Pipits attended this past Saturday, when we walked a beautiful route at one of the Halton Region Conservation Areas: Hilton Falls. Although it was a decidedly unbirdy day, we happened to have several knowledgeable botany folks with us, and learned quite a bit about trees and plants!

The leaves were turning for fall, and the weather was crisp to start, warming up as we went on. We saw several potholes formed by moving water, and the waterfall which was quite low as water levels are down this year.

It was a fun morning out, and as always I am grateful to everyone for making it a great outing, and sharing their diverse knowledge! You guys are the best!

See the eBird outing report here:

Remember, to see the subject ID in the photo, click on the photo, click on the circled “i” and see the file name.

Thanks everyone, until next time take good care and Good Birding!

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