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March 5 2023, City View Park

The Pipits: March 5 2023, City View Park 7 Mar 2023 8:09 PM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) The Pipits: March 5, 2023, City View Park

Hello Pipits! I want to send a big thank you out to Doug for drafting this trip report. I struggle to get through photo editing and report writing, and very much appreciate the help! Well done sir! And thank you to everyone for helping get a stuck car out of the snow before we started the outing; and to all for making it such a special day, as per always!

Having recovered from the previous day's winter storm, 13 intrepid Pipits explored trails within Cityview Park, but not before rescuing a fellow Pipit's car that was stuck in the snow! (Thank you everyone who jumped in to help out!)

And thanks to Debbie for finding us a lot to park in near City View Park since none of the park lots had yet been plowed! It was also nice to have new Pipits join the walk and to share their previous birding adventures with us.

This morning's walk showcased early spring arrivals and raised our hopes that additional migratory birds will arrive with warmer weather in the coming weeks. Among the birds observed were two sandhill cranes catching updrafts and circling above, as well as red-winged blackbirds and juncos.

A few photos taken by George... thanks for sharing George!

Thank you to everyone who attended this eventful walk!

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