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March 27 2022, Beamer Conservation Area and Saltfleet, Report

The Pipits: March 27 2022, Beamer Conservation Area and Saltfleet, Report 28 Mar 2022 12:07 PMColleen Reilly (Administrator) 12 Pipits attended the outing at Beamer Conservation Area, this past Sunday. It was a very cold and snowy morning, with icy roads, and several folks decided against coming out due to this. As far as the NPH Hawkwatch went, the only sightings reported for the day were 30 Turkey Vultures. No wildflowers were coming up along the trail. It was decidedly UNBIRDY as a whole, although we did get some views of a few sparrows at the feeder, and a Red Bellied Woodpecker in the woods.

After a lovely and snowy walk along the trails at Beamer CA, we decided to go to a few nearby locations.

At Vinemount Meadows Sanctuary, on 10th Rd E, we hoped to see recently arrived Eastern Meadowlarks, and did!

Not much to see on 8th Rd E, but along 5th Rd E we had lovely close views of a singing Rusty Blackbird!

Along Powerline Rd (thanks for suggesting this Jason!) we had distant views of an impressive flock of Northern Pintails, along with some Green Winged Teals and American Wigeon.

Following this, the few remaining members (2 cars lol) made a stop at 40 Mile Creek Park. There were a handful of wonderful Golden Crowned Kinglets, popping around like popcorn. And quite a lot of Red Breasted Mergansers on the lake - braving the waves.

Thanks to everyone for coming out on this blustery morning, and making it so much fun!


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