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March 2023: Pipit Report



As promised, I am still attempting to get trip reports out to you, including photos and ebird lists from our outings.

My goal is to start producing monthly reports to publish about the previous month's outings. My apologies for this change, I'm finding weekly reports are not sustainable!



The new website continues to be under construction.

There were some problems with payments made through the site, so I have removed that as an option for folks wanting a new membership, renewal, or to pay by outing.

To pay for a membership, please reach out to Colleen at You can etransfer me your payment at this address also.

I will also add your email to the email list so you are included in any Pipits information I send out to members.

There were likewise some problems with emails not being received by member's inboxes. They were instead going to spam folders and being missed by members.

As a result I have reverted to using the old Google Group to communicate with you all.

If you are not receiving any emails from this, please connect with Colleen at, to be added to the list.

You can visit to see previous messages I have sent out.

AND, you can communicate with each other using the Google Group! You can reply to messages by clicking <reply all>, or just reply to the message author, by clicking on the three dots at the upper right of the message, and selecting <reply to author>. Feel free to use this forum to send messages to each other or to the group, if you have relevant information to share!



We had four outings in March 2023!

These consisted of trips to Kerncliff Park (which turned into a trip to City View Park when one member's car became stuck in the snowy driveway into Kerncliff), Long Point (with a side trip to Aylmer for a couple of Greater White Fronted Geese), an evening trip to Vinemount Meadows Sanctuary in Saltfleet, and Sudden Tract in Cambridge.

Many thanks to our Guest Leaders for March - Kyle Cameron, Ontario Projects Biologist with Birds Canada; Bob Curry; and Chris Cheatle.

Photos from these outings can be seen in this Google Folder. To see identification of the photo's subject, go to the photo, click on the three dots in the upper right, and check the file name which shows the location and identification.

eBird lists are here:

In the interest of getting this newsletter out today, I'll limit my comments about these trips to just a few thoughts.

City View Park

Thanks so much to everyone who got the car unstuck from this very snowy driveway, and for finding a plowed parking lot by City View for us to relocate to. And to Doug for writing this individual trip report in the blog!

Long Point

Thanks so much to Kyle for showing us around the Birds Canada trails. We visited a number of other locations as well, and after running into another friend on the road, realized that a side trip to Aylmer Wetlands would likely earn us some Greater White Fronted Geese and lots and lots of Tundra Swans.

Kyle sent me some material about the Long Point Bird Observatory, and public education opportunities:


Long Point Bird Observatory’s Old Cut Research Station is open to the public all year with banding demonstrations occurring during spring and fall migration, roughly April 1 to June 1, and August 15 to November 15..

Bookings for high school classes, universities, naturalist clubs, and special interest groups are available upon request. Groups are provided with a short (~1 hr) guided tour of our on-site migration monitoring program. Anyone planning to bring a group larger than 10 persons is strongly advised to book well in advance, especially in spring. Please note that we normally cannot easily accommodate groups larger than 30-50 people. There is a voluntary fee of $250/group, or $10/person.

LPBO also provides virtual tours through our Distance Learning program. More information can be found here.

For more information, email LPBO.

I will try to coordinate a Pipit outing to the Research Station at Old Cut for the fall migration this fall!

Vinemount Meadows Sanctuary

Thanks very much to Bob Curry for leading us around this area of Saltfleet this evening. We hoped to see owls, which we did not, except for Joe who saw a Great Horned Owl as he drove home! This was still a terrific learning opportunity, and a lot of fun!

Sudden Tract, Cambridge

Thanks also going out to Chris Cheatle for leading us in search of early salamanders. We found one! The weather was still a bit cold for this. Next year I will move this trip to early or mid April. There was a lot to learn on this outing, regardless, and we learned about various plants, as well as listened to Brown Creepers who seemed to migrating through in numbers.

Thank you to everyone who came out on these outings, and made them so special! You all are just the best, no matter what we see, it's always a fun time!




I recently had the opportunity to speak about the Pipits to the Peninsula Field Naturalists:



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