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February 19 2023, Amherst Island

The Pipits: February 19 2023, Amherst Island 22 Feb 2023 5:19 PM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) This Sunday, a group of 4 of us Pipits made our way to Amherst Island. We met at the ferry dock at 9am. The group of us piled into my car for the outing.

On the ferry over, we ran into Jeff Skevington, president of OFO, who is am amazing naturalist and very strong birder. We were able to tag along with him and his group, and went through Owl Woods together. We had hoped that this might be the visit that brought out a Great Gray Owl or Gyrfalcon, but unfortunately, we did not find either.

We did however, have the opportunity to see two different Barred Owls.

We also saw several Northern Harrier males, sometimes called Gray Ghosts.

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