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December 18 2022, FWR Dickson CA, Cambridge

The Pipits: December 18 2022, FWR Dickson CA, Cambridge 18 Dec 2022 4:57 PM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) Hello Pipits!

It was a very small group today, with only ONE member joining the outing, and Janet Ozaruk guest leading the walk. I was SO glad to be outside again, after spending at least a week recovering from COVID. Thanks very much Janet, and Diane, for coming out and making today an awesome day!

It was not a very birdy day, but we did see some lovelies along the way, and the walk was very scenic.

Photos are in this google photo album:

The eBird report from today is here:

Next Sunday is Christmas Day, so I am not running an outing next weekend. Take good care everyone, and enjoy the holidays! Our next walk is scheduled for Mountsberg, on Sunday January 1 2023. Hope to see you there, in the New Year!

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