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August 14 2022, RBG Arboretum, report

The Pipits: August 14 2022, RBG Arboretum, report 17 Aug 2022 4:01 PM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) Sunday past was another well attended outing, with 19 Pipits present! The RBG Arboretum never disappoints, with a variety of habitats and interesting flora to explore.

It looks like fall migration has begun, and we saw several warbler species as well as a few shorebirds. And most incredibly, one of our eagle eyed members spotted an odd lump on a branch far off in the forest… a lump that turned out to be a resting Common Nighthawk! We promptly decided that this Pipit member should be called Lumpy and was our super star Pipit of the day! Well spotted Dennis!

The shorebirds we saw were Lesser Yellowlegs.

There was some question about how we could determine whether these were Lesser or Greater Yellowlegs.

Here is an image of Greater Yellowlegs I took last fall, note the longer bill, that is slightly upturned…

Thanks everyone for coming out and making it a special day!

To see the eBird report, go here:

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