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April 30 2022, 16 Mile Creek, Oakville

The Pipits: April 30 2022, 16 Mile Creek, Oakville 30 Apr 2022 8:00 AM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) Seventeen Pipits attended this walk through the scenic 16 Mile Creek valley, along with myself and our guest leader Joanne Redwood. Many thanks to Joanne for joining us and sharing her wealth of knowledge!

It has been a cold spring, and the spring ephemerals were just getting started at this location. Trout Lilies, Virginia Bluebells, Spring Beauty, Twinflower and Bloodroot were some highlights on the wildflower front. These should be in full display now or in the next few days - if you want to see fields of spring wildflowers this is your happy place - get down there if you can! Virginia Bluebells cover the valley bottom along the river, with Twin Flowers in small patches just before the bridge, and hillsides beyond the bridge absolutely covered in yellow AND white Trout Lily.

Now, it wasn't a very birdy location, but we did end up with an eBird list of 25 species so not too shabby after all.

Thanks to everyone including several new members for coming out and making this such an unforgettable morning!

To view the eBird list go here.

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