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April 2023: Pipit Report



Well Pipits, here goes newsletter #2! This covers our outings from April 2023. Thanks to you all for your patience.



The new Website continues to be under construction. I am continuing to add new upcoming outings to the Trips section, and I will continue to send trip announcements before each outing. Stay tuned!



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We had four outings in April 2023! Boy was it wonderful to see the early signs of spring’s arrival.

These outings consisted of trips to Vinemount Sanctuary, Carden Alvar, Paletta Estate, and 16 Mile Creek.

Many thanks to our Guest Leaders for April - Bruce and Laurie MacKenzie - who joined us for the Vinemount Sanctuary walk.

Photos from these outings can be seen in this Google Folder. To see identification of the photo's subject, go to the photo, click on the three dots in the upper right, and check the file name which shows the location and identification.

eBird lists are here:


In the interest of getting this newsletter out this month LOL, I'll limit my comments about these trips to just a few thoughts.

Vinemount Sanctuary

Seven Pipits attended this walk, with guest leaders Bruce and Laurie MacKenzie. Many thanks to our fearless leaders! This was a cool, early spring walk, but we were fortunate to see some early spring migrants, notably, Eastern Meadowlarks; along with some early developments in foliage and flowering. What a wonderful way to be out in nature, and know that we survived another winter!

Carden Alvar

Six Pipits attended the trip to Carden. What a magical place this is! There is always a feast for the eyes with scenery, constantly changing its appearance due to successional growth of different flowers and grasses; and a fabulous assortment of birds. We met at Prospect Marsh for dawn, where we were immersed in the soundscape of the morning song chorus, and we saw a porcupine in a tree. Next we toured Wylie Road, of course seeing the quintessential Wilson’s Snipes and Eastern Bluebirds, which are early migrants into the area; as well as a Blanding's Turtle with a healed but significant injury to its shell. We decided that given how strong and healthy it seemed, it would be better to leave it in the field, than take it to a rehab. Finally, we went for a lovely hike at the North Bear Alvar trail; and were very lucky to see a couple of Lapland Longspurs; as well as a DeKay’s Brownsnake!

Paletta Estate

Nine Pipits attended our outing to Paletta Estate. It was a rainy cold morning, but the Magnolia’s were flowering, and early spring migrants were around, including some warblers! Early spring ephemerals such as Trout Lilies were flowering, and we had a lovely time braving the elements.

16 Mile Creek

Again we faced a cold rainy morning, as three of us hardy Pipits went out looking for early spring ephemerals in this valley that holds a number of rare or uncommon spring wildflowers. Of note in the bird presence were many Ruby Crowned Kinglets. In terms of flowers, Virginia Bluebells, Twin Leaf, and Early Saxifrage, among others, were all in flower. So lovely!


Thank you to everyone who came out on these outings, and made them so special! You all are just the best, no matter what we see, it's always a fun time!


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