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November 20 2022, Eramosa Karst with guest leader Marcus Buck!

The Pipits: Eramosa Karst with guest leader Marcus Buck! 20 Nov 2022 4:05 PM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) Playing catch up on reports, so will keep this short and sweet.

Today eight Pipits attended and joined Marcus Buck to explore the Eramosa Karst!

It was a cold day, feeling like -15, and windy. I believe winter has arrived. Marcus is a Geologist specializing in Karst and Caves, and had lots of knowledge to share with us today. Many thanks to you Marcus - we very much appreciated you leading us today!

Although it was a decidedly un-birdy day, we did see a late Fox Sparrow, so that was exciting! And as always, it was lovely to get out into the fresh and I mean FRESH air, and see everyone who joined! Thanks all!

Note that there is a short video included in the photos, showing a couple of our Pipits entering and leaving a cave!

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