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July 31 2022, Summit Muskeg Preserve, report

The Pipits: July 31 2022, Summit Muskeg Preserve, report 1 Aug 2022 3:11 PM Colleen Reilly (Administrator) Yesterday’s outing to Summit Muskeg Bog in Hamilton was lovely. It was well attended, with 19 of us present!

While it was the last day of July, and most birds have stopped singing, and indeed are facing the imminent fall migration… we did have some notable bird sightings. A Green Heron posed and performed quite nicely for us at the Slote Road marsh. And just beyond the junction of Slote and Mineral Springs Rds, we heard strange cries. The calls manifested into at least 2 Broadwing Hawks that flew overhead, and sat in the trees surrounding the trail calling repeatedly. And a family of Rose Breasted Grosbeaks dined on Sumac berries while we watched! In addition, several of us were lucky enough to see a small Gray Treefrog spotted magically by one of our young eagle eyed members.

It was a terrific and fun outing, and thank you to everyone for coming out and making it another special day!

One thing I wanted to mention - The Pipits membership is quite diverse and composed of folks with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. It truly is a privilege to be able to spend time with you all. Yesterday we learned that a celebration is in order! The play “A Pang of Displacement” ran in the Hamilton Fringe Festival 2022, which just wrapped up yesterday! The Producer and Playwright is one of our Pipits, Amardeep! Congratulations to you, well done!!

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